About me

I currently live in Warsaw (Poland).

My specialty is creating complex web applications. I have experience in building systems using techniques and patterns where business processes are most relevant.

Moreover, I explore the knowledge in blockchain technology and cryptography, that I already had the opportunity to work with. This is the direction of my next specialization.

I was working with different languages and technologies like:
Java, C#(.NET Core)*, PHP* and JavaScript*.

My major technology stack is:
Java (JVM), Spring, JPA/Hibernate, ElasticSearch, Spark, Solidity, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud (Azure/AWS).

Furthermore, I:

  • contribute to OpenSource
  • publish articles on blogs

* I no longer accept orders related to this language


Software development

I create software from scratch to the production version. I follow best practices and design patterns.

Source code is efficient and maintainable. Each fragment of the app exists for a specific purpose.

Cloud computing usage

The cloud enables you to scale your project, deploy faster, reduce costs and manage them effectively.

You focus on business instead of buying and maintaining physical servers.


Do you feel that you are doing or delegating a lot of repetitive (boring) tasks?

Think how much time you will recover when it happens automatically. You will take care of what is really important.


By using the EventStorming technique, I will help you discover how your business processes really looks like.

We will discover their strengths and weaknesses. They can be simplified and transformed into a digital world.


Are you wondering: system is simple or complex? How many layers are needed? Which architecture to choose?

I will show you how to design a system, where to start, what to look for and how to draw conclusions.

Technical debt reduction

Adding new functionalities is taking longer and longer? Developers find it difficult to make changes?

You have probably been affected by the so-called technical debt. We can find a way out of this situation.


This is a list of commercial projects that I (co-)created working in various companies and teams.

Unfortunately, I can't show most of the projects here because I gave the companies all copyrights or I am bound by a Non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Some of them are no longer available on the Internet (or they look differently), so I used the
Wayback Machine to show you their copies (e.g. from 3 years ago).

years of
professional experience
on blogs
years since
I started


A list of blogs where I have published articles so far.

Blog (pl) [archived]


Blog (pl) [archived]


Showing development directions
to become a Senior Developer.

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Blog (en) [archived]


Blog (en) [archived]


Technical articles according
to: "Learn, try, solve, enjoy!".

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Blog (pl) [archived]

CDV Project Factory

Blog (pl) [archived]

CDV Project Factory

Articles for Collegium da Vinci univerity.

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Blog (en)

Espeo Software blog

Blog (en)

Espeo Software blog

A Software House blog, in which I worked in 2016.

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I am open to interesting collaboration.

Let's make it right!


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